Environmental Engineering for Energy Applications

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

A. Air Quality

B. Environmental Management and Human Environments

  • CEE 424—Sustainable Construction Methods
  • CEE 434—Environmental Systems I
  • CEE 440—Fate and Cleanup of Environmental Pollutants
  • CEE 535—Environmental Systems II
  • CEE 592—Sustainable Urban Systems
  • GEOG 466—Environmental Policy
  • UP 446—Sustainable Planning Seminar
  • UP 466—Energy, Planning, and the Built Environment
  • UP 480—Sustainable Design Principles
  • UP 546—Land Use Planning and Policy
  • UP 547—Regional Planning and Policy

C. Water Quality

  • CEE 437—Water Quality Engineering
  • CEE 442—Environmental Engineering Principles, Physical
  • CEE 443—Environmental Engineering Principles, Chemical
  • CEE 444—Environmental Engineering Principles, Biological
  • CEE 457—Groundwater
  • CEE 534—Surface Water Quality Modeling
  • CEE 537—Water Quality Control Processes I
  • CEE 538—Water Quality Control Processes II
  • GEOL 470—Introduction to Hydrogeology
  • GEOL 570—Hydrogeology
  • IB 485—Environmental Toxicology and Health