Chemistry, Chemical & Materials Engineering

Chemistry, Chemical & Materials Engineering

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

A. Chemical Engineering

B. Chemistry and Materials Science

  • CHEM 524—Electrochemical Methods
  • CHEM 584—Introduction to Materials Chemistry
  • ECE 510—Micro and Nanolithography
  • ECE 535—Theory of Semicondoctors and Devices
  • MSE 401—Thermodynamics of Materials
  • MSE 403—Synthesis of Materials
  • MSE 445—Corrosion of Metals
  • MSE 460—Electronic Materials I
  • MSE 461—Electronic Materials II
  • MSE 487—Materials for Nanotechnology
  • MSE 488—Optical Materials
  • MSE 489—Materials Selection for Sustainability
  • MSE 500—Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials
  • MSE 501—Kinetic Processes in Materials
  • MSE 582—Surface Physics

Program Highlights

Earn a Professional Master’s Degree (non-thesis) in 2 – 3 semesters.

32 credit hour program – see degree requirements for more information.

Choose your own path and areas of specialization from a wide array of courses.

Gain valuable experience with an internship or energy systems design project.

Prepare for leadership in your career by applying breadth and depth of knowledge in this area.

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Dates to Know

May 1 / July 1, 2021 | Deadline for Fall 2021 Admission (international/domestic)

August 23, 2021 | First Day of Fall 2021 Semester

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