Electrical Energy Conversion, Transmission & Distribution

Electrical Energy Conversion, Transmission & Distribution

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

A. Electric Conversion and Control

  • ECE 431—Electric Machinery
  • ECE 464—Power Electronics
  • ECE 486—Control Systems
  • ECE 515—Control System Theory and Design
  • ECE 553—Optimal Control Systems
  • ECE 568—Modeling and Control of Electromechanical Systems

B. Electric Power Transmission and Distribution

  • ECE 476—Power System Analysis
  • ECE 530—Large-Scale System Analysis
  • ECE 573—Power System Control
  • ECE 576—Power System Dynamics & Stability
  • ECE 588—Electricity Resource Planning
  • SE 424—State Space Design for Control

Program Highlights

Earn a Professional Master’s Degree (non-thesis) in 2 – 3 semesters.

32 credit hour program – see degree requirements for more information.

Choose your own path and areas of specialization from a wide array of courses.

Gain valuable experience with an internship or energy systems design project.

Prepare for leadership in your career by applying breadth and depth of knowledge in this area.

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Dates to Know

May 1 / July 1, 2021 | Deadline for Fall 2021 Admission (international/domestic)

August 23, 2021 | First Day of Fall 2021 Semester

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