Biomass Energy Resources

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

  • ABE 446—Biological Nanoengineering
  • ABE 488—Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel
  • ACE 435—Global Agribusiness Management
  • ACE 446—Modeling Applications in Financial Planning
  • ACE 455—International Trade in Food and Agriculture
  • ACE 562—Applied Regression Models I
  • ACE 563—Mathematical Programming for Applied Economics I
  • ATMS 421—Earth Systems Modeling
  • CHBE 471—Biochemical Engineering
  • CHBE 478—Bioenergy Technology
  • CPSC 415—Bioenergy Crops
  • GEOG 465—Transportation and Sustainability
  • IB 421—Photosynthesis
  • GEOG 466—Environmental Policy
  • GEOG 496—Climate & Social Vulnerability
  • NRES 516—Ecosystem Biogeochemistry
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