Energy Markets, Reliability, Safety & Security

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

  • ABE 455—Erosion and Sediment Control
  • ACE 410—Energy Economics
  • ACE 411—Environment and Development
  • ACE 510—Advanced Natural Resource Economics
  • ACE 562—Applied Regression Models I
  • ACE 563—Mathematical Programming Applications in Economics I
  • ACE 564—Applied Regression Models II
  • ACE 567—Mathematical Programming Applications in Economics II
  • CEE 460—Steel Structures I
  • CEE 462—Steel Structures II
  • CEE 463—Reinforced Concrete II
  • CEE 557—Groundwater Modeling
  • CHLH 469—Environmental Health
  • CS 461—Computer Security I
  • CS 463—Computer Security II
  • CS 465—User Interface Design
  • CS 565—Human-Computer Interaction
  • NPRE 441—Radiation Protection
  • NPRE 442—Radioactive Waste Management
  • NPRE 457—Safety Analysis of Nuclear Reactor Systems
  • NPRE 461—Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • NPRE 498—Advanced Risk Analysis
  • PS 580—Proseminar on International Relations I
  • SE 411—Reliability Engineering
  • SE 523—Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
  • SE 524—Data-Bases Systems Modeling
  • SE 530—Multiattribute Decision Making
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