Thermal Energy Systems & Combustions Engines

Note:  Review Course Descriptions and Credit Hours

  • AE 412—Viscous Flow and Heat Transfer
  • ABE 466—Engineering Off-Road Vehicles
  • ME 400—Energy Conversion Systems
  • ME 401—Refrigeration and Cryodynamics
  • ME 402—Design of Thermal Systems
  • ME 403—Internal Combustion Engines
  • ME 404—Intermediate Thermodynamics
  • ME 410—Intermediate Gas Dynamics
  • ME 412—Numerical Thermo-fluid Mechanics
  • ME 420—Intermediate Heat Transfer
  • ME 501—Combustion Fundamentals
  • ME 502—Thermal Systems
  • ME 503—Design of Internal Combustion Engines
  • ME 520—Heat Conduction
  • ME 521—Convective Heat Transfer
  • NPRE 470—Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources
  • UP 430—Urban Transportation Planning
  • UP 466—Energy, Planning, and the Built Environment
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