Taber International, LLC Scholarship

Created by Illinois alumnus Brad Radl, BS 80, the President and Chief Technology Officer of Taber International, the Taber International, LLC Scholarship is used to support graduate students in the Master of Engineering in Energy Systems Program in the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering. Radl established the scholarship because he believes Illinois’ Energy Systems Masters of Engineering is a timely answer to the industry’s current needs,

“The energy industry is experiencing a dynamic phase,” Radl said. “Efficient, clean and reliable energy provides a key foundation of any advanced economy. Without new talent entering the field, the U.S. as whole faces a risk of falling behind in a key industry.” Read more about the creation of the scholarship here.

Recipients are selected by the admissions committee based on GPA, letters of recommendation, overall academic merit and strength of application materials. Decisions are based on the admitted students’ application materials; no additional application is necessary.

Read more about past Taber Scholars below:

Kruti Goyal 2018-2019 Taber ScholarKruti Goyal (2018-2019)

“I do not want to be a mere advocate of this cause [renewable energy sources], but actively work towards advancement in the field that deserves to be more progressive than corrective."
Brad Flanagan 2018-2019 Taber ScholarBrad Flanagan (2018-2019)

“The work is always more rewarding knowing that it is a topic that I am passionate about, and that I will be able to use it to help improve the world.”
Chris Hillebrand Taber Scholar 2018-2019Chris Hillebrand (2018-2019)

“By studying Energy Systems, I hoped to equip myself with all the tools I would need to be someone who could play a part in the energy transition to come in the next few decades.”
photo of Emmanuel Fadahunsi, 2017-2018 Taber ScholarEmmanuel Fadahunsi (2017-2018)

“I believe the program will put me on track to become one of the future energy leaders who will shape the global sustainable energy future.”
photo of Connor Daly 2017-2018 Taber ScholarConnor Daly (2017-2018)

“Climate change will likely be the largest engineering and societal problem for my generation, so I wanted to help solve it.”
photo of Joe Darga, 2017-2018 Taber ScholarJoe Darga (2017-2018)

“I hope to work in researching and developing photovoltaic materials, specifically quantum dots, which is why I am also considering further education that would align with those goals.”
photo of Christopher Guida, 2016-2017 Taber ScholarChristopher Guida (2016-2017)

“I am interested in working at the leading edge of sustainable technology to help create a healthier environment."
photo of Kevin Kubis, 2016-2017 Taber ScholarKevin Kubis (2016-2017)

“The flexibility of the courses allowed me to learn special topic areas that I wish to pursue after college. These courses taught the overarching energy situation in the world and U.S., but also taught about different energy systems in great technical detail.”
photo of Anthony Ekeopara, 2015-2016 Taber ScholarAnthony Ekeopara (2015-2016)

“I learned that, with novel ideas and proactive policies, the challenge of climate change and reducing our carbon consumption and emissions is possible.”
photo of John Flanagan, 2015-2016 Taber ScholarJohn Flanagan (2015-2016)

“Program directors and administrators were genuinely supportive of my pursuits; the coursework is challenging and rewarding. I would recommend this program to somebody passionate about seeking a career in fields related to energy and sustainability.”



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