Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Get to know what makes our program great by learning a little more about our students and why they chose to pursue a Master’s of Engineering in Energy Systems from Illinois.


“As my understanding of global climate issues developed, and my interest in engineering came into fruition, Energy Systems provides a means to merge my interests into a career. I believe sustainable practices, in conjunction with renewable techniques, will inevitably impact our society in an astounding way.”

Cameron Miller’s decision to pursue a degree in Energy Systems has been influenced by his family’s consistent, sustainable and resource efficient practices, along with the importance of sustainability and renewables in the many locations he has lived. He is confident that the experience he gains while completing the Energy Systems degree at Illinois will provide substantial insight into the Renewable Energy and Sustainability sector. Read more about Cameron here.


“I knew that when searching for graduate programs, the ability to gain industry experience would remain equally as crucial as broadening my knowledge of Energy Systems. For this reason, I instantly connected with the Energy Systems program at [Illinois] given its flexible curriculum and professional development requirement.”

Sanjana Kartik decided to pursue a graduate degree in Energy Systems when she recognized the need to incorporate sustainable technologies and practices in our communities. Her degree at Illinois will allow her to gain the skill-set to initiate and guide these changes in the future. Read more about Sanjana Kartik here.


Christopher Hillebrand

“A majority of the population recognizes the merit of implementing more renewable energy systems into both public and private grids, however relatively few understand all of the driving forces that exist in the industry that need to be navigated in order to make this goal of widespread sustainable energy generation become a reality.”

Christopher Hillebrand is pursuing the Energy Systems degree in order to equip himself with the tools needed to play a part in the energy transition to come in the next few decades. He chose Illinois because he could tailor his curriculum and receive training on the soft skills needed to meet his career goals. Read his full profile here.


Student Spotlight - Pallav Nirmal Shah

“I knew that this institution [would] expect the best from me and bring the best out of me.”

Pallav Nirmal Shah decided to pursue Energy Systems to improve global energy management. Shah aspired to attend one of the top engineering programs in the country. Read more about Pallav Nirmal Shah here.

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Dates to Know

May 1 | Deadline for Fall 2020 Admission (International Applicants)

July 1 | Deadline for Fall 2020 Admission (Domestic Applicants)

August 24 | First Day of Fall 2020 Semester



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